Terms & Conditions

By registering to become a member of The Circle by The Holistic Parent, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Holistic Parent does not issue refunds. If you cancel you account before your designated pay period (month or year) concludes, you will not be issued a refund (full or partial).

  2. The Holistic Parent admin team has the right to remove you from the Facebook group if you violate any of the rules outlined in the group. If you violate any of the rules, you will be issued a formal warning from the admin team via private message. After your second violation, you will be notified and removed from the group. If you are removed, you will continue to have access to the material on the website for your designate pay period, but you are not entitled to a refund of your membership fees (see Note 1).

  3. You agree not to share your username and password with anyone.

  4. The Holistic Parent owns the copyright for all material published on the website and Facebook Group (articles, podcasts, videos, live streams, etc.) and may not be reproduced or share without permission of the publisher.

  5. You must be 18 years or older to register. If you’re under 18, obtain permission from a parent/guardian.

  6. All levels of membership renew automatically. If you no longer wish to be a member, you must manually cancel your subscription. To cancel, log in to your account and follow the instructions.

  7. Accounts with outstanding payments (due to expire credit card information, etc) will have 10 days to submit payment or your account will be canceled by the admin team.

  8. The Holistic Parent does not share data (names, email addresses, etc.) with any third-party vendors. Your privacy is important to us. All payments are processed through PayPal, therefore we do not store or have access to your credit card information.

  9. Members will abide by basic rules of decency. Any racist, sexist or other demeaning language use towards other members or the admin team either through private message or in comment sections (website or Facebook) is grounds for removal from the Facebook group and/or canceling of your account with The Holistic Parent. If you are removed, you are not entitled to a refund (see Note 1).