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Attention Procrastinators! Tax time is now

Attention Procrastinators! Tax time is now

When it comes to our real feelings around money, we often hide those deep down inside ourselves and present something different to the world. The fact that the financial world often has a way of talking at us versus with us propels this problem forward and it all becomes a vicious cycle.

Tax time is no exception to that! It’s a time of year that most of us have a strong dislike for! It can be one of the most overwhelming, daunting and procrastinated tasks for most Canadians. That fact is understandable!

During tax time we’re essentially cramming an entire year into a matter of days which is overwhelming to say the least!  Let’s pause with this perspective for a moment. So often we place unfair expectations on ourselves without giving ourselves the grace, understanding and compassion that we would give to others. 

When we’re so hard on ourselves we can end up propelling the problem versus nurturing the solution. In this scenario we can hide away from what it is that we need to work on and avoid it all together. Does this apply to tax filing? Absolutely! 

Being uncomfortable, feeling overwhelmed or alone with the process can cause us to hide away from it altogether. We avoid one year of tax filing then feel ashamed about it and avoid another and another. In these posts I want to lovingly communicate that you’re not alone. Let’s start the conversation and more importantly continue it in a way that you feel comfortable.

So, let’s first establish the fact that you’re not alone! Next, let’s change the perspective. Perhaps you haven’t filed your tax return and feel uncomfortable taking them to a professional you know and trust because of what you feel they may say.

Don’t feel that way at all! You’re doing them a favour by bringing them all that business. So, walk into that office with pride, drop down those papers and documents on the desk, then simply smile and say, “You’re welcome.”

When we’re overwhelmed or anxious about something, we’re often focusing on the problem but let’s focus the solutions. I completely appreciate that this can be something easier said then done. That’s one of the reasons why I lovingly suggest you don’t go at it alone.

Having a friend that knows and understands you can be a fabulous resource to propel you forward. Why not even work on a Problem–Solution activity together? Because I’m a total geek I’ve put some examples in a chart to help get the process kick started.

Problem: Hate filing taxes
Solution: Look to hire a professional

Problem: As a business owner my receipts and documents pile up
Solution: Use an app or software to help. Also, track monthly instead to help reduce the burden

Problem: Worried because you haven’t filed for years
Solution: Just picture your strut as you walk in and say you’re welcome

Problem: Don’t understand the rules that apply to you
Solution: Ask a professional you know and trust!

I’d love for you to do this activity with the topics/thoughts that apply to you.

Tax filing is one of those overwhelming to-do items but when it’s done… it feels oh so good! So why not do something meaningful to celebrate you and your focus on the solution! Then, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how fabulous you are!

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