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Feng Shui for Fall

Feng Shui for Fall

Fall is here and with the arrival of fall comes a shift in energy that we can all feel, see, smell and touch. We are moving from the very yang energy of summer into the more yin energy of winter with fall being a time for transition.

It’s a great time for purging, reflecting, gathering and preparing for the winter months ahead.

One of the goals of feng shui is to bring our living spaces into harmony with the natural world and energy flow around us. It invites us to bring in nature and balance the elements in our homes. Bringing nature in replenishes the energy and good vibes in the space and when our homes are filled with positive good vibes we start to pull these energies into our lives. As the cooler fall temperatures start to ease their way in, and as we shift into spending more time indoors, lets welcome and bring the beautiful fall energies of the season into our homes.

Clear Your Space

It’s the perfect time to do a little decluttering and in feng shui declutter is always the perfect first step. Clutter is stagnant energy; removing the clutter starts the energy flowing again. By discarding, donating or selling what is no longer serving you, you clear and create space for the new energy that will help support and allow you to move forward.  The practice of decluttering not only creates more physical space but emotional, mental and spiritual space as well, that allows you to literally feel lighter.

Garden TLC

Paying attention to the exterior of our homes is just as important as the interior. Clear the front path leading to your entry, decorate it for the season and make it welcoming to walk up to. This creates an easy way for the energy, opportunities and guests to enter your home. Before the fall ends and winter creeps in be sure to clear and pull out the dead summer flowers from the garden as they represent stale chi you don’t want lingering around until spring. Bring in fall flowers to replenish and fill the garden for the fall.

Fresh Air

Even though the cooler temps are starting to creep in let fresh air in as often as possible during the day to keep the energy moving and flowing through your home.  As we start to close up our homes to the cold outside, add more living plants to your home to bring nature indoors. These will help keep the air pure and fresh, as plants naturally remove indoor toxins, creating plenty of healthy breathing space for the whole family.

Remember to always check and make sure the plants you add are pet and child friendly.

Celebrate the Harvest and Nature

Bring in more symbols of nature and the season. Along with plants, add bowls of fresh fruit or vegetables, displays of gourds, pine cones, acorns, pumpkins and fresh flowers.  All are symbols of abundance and prosperity along with inviting healthy energy in by bringing the high vibrational energy of nature into the home.

Add these items into your home and decor with the intention of gratitude for the abundance you have and welcoming all that is on it ways.  In some traditional feng shui schools pumpkins are considered lucky charms which bring in abundance and prosperity while protecting against negative energy. Add a few to your front entry to draw in the luck and good vibes only.

Indulge Your Senses

Fill your home with touches of all things warm and cozy. Burn some candles or diffuse some essential oils, adding a little aromatherapy into your home. Use scents that make you feel warm and cosy and speak fall to you. Get some inspiration here.

I recommend only using natural clean burning candles such as candles made from 100% beeswax, vegetable-based waxes or soy and are scented with pure essential oils only to keep your homes air healthy and free of VOC’s and toxins. Use quality pure essential oils for the same reason avoiding the toxics artificial chemicals and keeping your home toxin free and full of high vibe natural products.

Bursts of Colour and Texture

Switch up your inside decor a bit and bring in the rich textures and warm cozy colors that fall offers. Think lush texture pillows and layers of cozy warm throws. Move things around, change your furniture arrangement, move around end tables or even just refresh and move around accessories. You can also add some new ones or take out some old pieces. Even the smallest adjustment and movement of things in our space can refresh and shift the energy when done with intention and purpose. Set the intention of welcoming in the new energies for the coming season.

Host a Gathering

Bring people together and celebrate the season. Gather your family and friends and fill your homes with laughter and love this fall.

The kitchen is symbolic of wealth and health and is where family and friends naturally tend to gather.  The feng shui notion is if you are blessed to feed many mouths then you are already wealthy. Plus the joyous energy gatherings and celebrations create will infuse your home with all that positive vibrant energy.

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