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Balance Includes Candy

Balance Includes Candy

One year ago I posted a picture on Facebook that, (at least on Facebook) went viral. It was 12:05 am, and I was sick and tired of seeing all the Facebook posts about kids, and candy, and limiting said candy. I was done! As a mindfulness coach for kids and families, I really truly take a WHOLEistic approach to life. For me and my family, life is about balance, no extremes, just balance. A balance of healthy food vs treats, screen time vs outdoor time, things vs experiences, etc. People need balance in life, in relationships, and yes, even in food. Did I mention that we are talking about kids? KIDS! Kids need balance more than everyone else.

So with that pent up frustration, I took to Facebook.

I posted this picture…

balance includes candy

With this caption…

“Oh this will not be a popular post for some people... But here goes. 

I’m seeing lots of Facebook posts about ‘what to do with all the Halloween candy?’ I’m also seeing things like limiting your children to 1 piece of candy per day or having the switch witch come (a magical witch that switches your candy into a present), etc. etc. Anyways, whatever floats your boat. ;)

I’ve had a few people ask me... ‘What do you do with all your Halloween Candy?’ 

So here it is.... We EAT it!!! 

Yep! For the next 3* days the kids and I will eat that mofo candy like we’ve just arrived at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (the really cool room with the edible buttercups and the chocolate river!). 

Know why? Because it’s Halloween!! 

Life is about balance. And my balanced life sometimes includes fast food and Halloween candy. 

And that switch *itch is NOT welcomed here! ;)

Happy Halloween! 

#noguilt #lifewithbalance #humantoo”

And within hours it had reached 259,000 people, it had been shared 5.1k times and had over 350 comments.

So what was it that struck a chord with so many people? Well, according to the comments, I gathered this…

  1. Parenting is hard, really freaking hard, sometimes. We constantly get bombarded with advice of what we should and shouldn’t do, and parents are sick of it. We, as parents, want to be able to trust our instincts. Ultimately, we know what’s best for our children and our family, and we don’t need people butting in and tell us differently.

  2. Let kids be kids. It’s only candy for crying out loud. Let them indulge. Heck for the next three days, let them over indulge. It’s Halloween! And in a couple months it’ll be Christmas, and then after that Easter. ;)

  3. And finally, people found it refreshing that as a ‘holistic business person’ I would be real enough and honest enough to admit that yes, not only do I eat candy but I occasionally eat fast food. *gasp* I once walked into a local burger joint and ran into a client. She immediately said “man, as soon as I saw you I wanted to hide under the table so that you wouldn’t catch me eating a burger and fries! And then I realized that if you were here then you must be getting the same!” And I was. I love a good burger and fries. ;)

Relax and enjoy! We can’t sweat the small stuff, and we certainly can’t sweat the small stuff that other people are trying to sweat for us! 

We all have choices in life; find balance and make those choices for you and your family. My choice tonight was to type this blog post while eating two mini bags of Hawkins Cheezies, followed by one Kit Kat and an Areo, and my final choice is to brush my teeth really, really well tonight.

Choose balance, whatever that balance may look like to you.

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