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Feng Shui for the Holidays

Feng Shui for the Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us! It’s an exciting and busy time of year. While it’s a wonderful time of the year, it can also be an overwhelming time fo the year.

On top of the daily to-do list, you now have to add finding the perfect gifts, decorating, extra events and parties, planning for Christmas dinner and on and on.

Use these Feng Shui tips to help eliminate stress, boost holiday happiness and let the good energy flow.

Clear Clutter

Before you start putting out all the holiday decorations, have a look around at what you can put away to make space, so the space doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Be mindful about how much we are adding to our space with the addition of all the extra decor and presents to help keep it more harmonious. In our home, we remove a large chair from our living room to maintain balance and allow space for the tree. Good feng shui requires room for the chi or energy to flow.

Declutter the entry and keep the halls clear to allow the energy to flow around the home with ease. It’s a great time to clear out all the kids outgrown toys, books and gadgets and Mom and Dad’s, too, before all the new holiday gifts start arriving. In our home we have the kids go through their toys and books and clear out the ones they no longer use, maybe have outgrown or are broken. This clears space before all the new gifts and things arriving over the holidays and eliminates the spaces becoming overwhelmed and cluttered after the holidays. It also teaches kids to let go of things that are no longer serving them, give thanks for them and pass them onto someone who needs them and will benefit from them.

Make Space

Just as our homes need to be decluttered and energy balanced to be harmonious so do we.

The holiday season can tend to be a very busy season with all the extra things added to our already busy to-do lists, and our calendars tend to become filled with extra engagements, too. With all the busyness, we need to make space to be alone, to pause and catch our breath between all the gatherings.

Make space to look after your wellbeing by making exercise, yoga, meditation, quiet walks, a bath, or me-time a priority. Self-care is important especially when things get extra busy. This will help you stay grounded throughout the season.

Don’t overschedule, be selective with how many extra events you attend and make sure it’s not becoming too much for you or the kids. Make sure you and everyone in the family is making space and pausing to breathe over the holidays.

Clear the Vibes

With all the extra activities, to-do’s and gatherings, there’s a lot of extra energy and emotions at this time of year. Use candles, some incense, sage, palo santos or essential oils to keep the energy fresh, clear and nourishing. They alter the energy of the space and the energy of the people in the space.

Candles are used in space clearing to clear existing energy and purify the new energy. During the winter season they also welcome in the light and honour the light during the darkest time of the year.

Using essential oils and scents create good energy for your home. The air you breathe is important so make sure to use healthy safe products, nothing chemical or toxic. Using a diffuser and 100% pure essential oils and beeswax candles are great and healthy choices for your home. Scents help create the mood and bring in feng shui energy of warmth and nourishment into the home.

Decorate with Intention

Our homes should be filled with things that make us happy, things we find beautiful, have purpose and nourish us in some way. This applies to our decorations at the holidays as well.

Make sure your decorations are ones you love and bring good memories. Don’t use old hand-me down because you feel you should, it won’t create good energy for the holidays. Thank them for being part of your life and then pass them onto someone who will love them and benefit from them.

As you place your decoration think about the symbolism and energy they represent and welcome that energy into the home. A wreath represents eternity, wholeness, and vitality. Welcome in the energy of prosperity by placing bowls full of nuts or fresh oranges and fruit around where everyone can enjoy.

Adding lots of live plants throughout the home helps keep the air clean and energy fresh as well as bring in the wood element symbolizing new beginnings, family, growth.

Balance the Elements

Being aware of which elements you are using and how much will help you avoid overusing one or having a completely lack of another. Bringing them into balance will create a more harmonious holiday environment.

Holiday décor can sometimes be a strong mix of reds (fire element) and greens (wood element). When in excess, red’s fire energy will burn up your personal energy and that of your home. For a more peaceful calm space, try adding some cool blues (water element) and crisp whites (metal element) to balance the fire and enhance overall serenity.

The addition of items like pine cones and decor made of natural elements like ceramics is a wonderful way to introduce the earth element.

Give Gratitude

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for many, me included, but no matter how you celebrate or where you are in your journey be sure to approach the season and the new year ahead with a sincere feeling of gratitude (i.e. gratefulness for what we have received and what we will receive).

Winter is the most yin time of the year and in nature its a time for regeneration and preparing for the spring. It’s the perfect time to make a little space over the holidays to find stillness to step back and take the big picture view of life, reflect and be grateful. So we can plant new idea seeds ready to sprout in spring and grow to create the life we want.

It all starts with being grateful for where you are as gratitude enhances our wellbeing, happiness and welcomes abundance.

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