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Why Now Is the Best Time For Self Care

Why Now Is the Best Time For Self Care

Let’s be honest, now is always the best time for implementing good self care but with the holidays right around the corner, colder, darker days upon us and sick germs all around, right now is more essential.

My definition of self care is simple - doing something intentionally that feels good. When you do things that light you up, you automatically relax, find some rest from the hustle of everyday and re-energize yourself. If helpful you can look at the three different categories: emotional self care (a good cry, a funny show or connecting with a friend), physical self care (nourishing food and movement or a massage) and mental self care (therapy, journalling, or meditating).

With the hustle of the holidays, trying to care for sick kids and the desperate attempt to keep some sort of schedule over the next few months, increasing your self care can be a game changer.

If we discover a bountiful apple tree and decide to start giving apples to all those in need around us, the tree will empty. To produce more apples, it must receive nourishment, let go of its leaves and get a restful sleep before it is ready to start giving again.

Imagine what would happen if it never let go of what was no longer serving it, if it never had time off for rest, if it didn’t receive enough water or sunlight and nutrients. It’s a sure bet that the apples would suffer and it would not be able to give like it did before. We all have cycles and with today's society pushing us to do more and be more we are starting to push away those natural cycles.

Some questions to reflect on:

  • When was the last time you had fun?

  • What are 10 activities that you enjoy?

  • What situations increase your stress?

  • What do you currently do for self care, how frequently do you do it and does it help you?

So many of my clients have forgotten what fun is. This can take time to rediscover but the best way is to just start. Be open to new things and express curiosity. Try different activities and pay attention to how you feel with the things you are currently doing. Create a list of what you do enjoy, using it as a resource in times of stress allowing you to stay fuelled. The more we can fuel ourselves, the more energy we will have, the better our immune systems will be, the more empowered we will feel and the happier we will be.

Self care is not selfish, it’s essential. Without it we risk burnout. Without it we tend to be grumpier, short tempered, exhausted parents who are simply trying to survive the day. Self care removes us from the fight or flight state, relaxing our nervous system and calming us. It role models to our kids that they are worthy of that same kindness, time out, help and boundaries where needed and not doing more than they can handle.

Invite a friend and join us November 25 at Balancing From Birth To Baby for a one day retreat! A chance to let go of your responsibilities for a day. To breath more easily and clear your head of the to do list.

How are you taking care of you today?

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